The primary Mission of the Manzanita Police Department is to provide a safe, welcome, and orderly environment for the Manzanita Band of the Kumeyaay nation.  The MPD was established to defend the sovereignty of the Tribe and the rights of all the people in its jurisdiction.  The Manzanita Police Department consists of highly trained men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect the tribe and community at large.


The Manzanita Police Department (MPD) has been serving the community since 2010. The Department continues to provide general law enforcement services within the Reservation and maintains close ties with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Dept., the US Border Patrol and other Federal, State and local agencies. The MPD maintains close ties with other tribal agencies throughout Southern California and throughout the United States. MPD tribal police officers must be knowledgeable in tribal ordinances, California State law as well as Federal law. While the MPD primary mission is to protect and serve the community of the Manzanita Reservation, we assist our partner agencies upon request. MPD police officers may find themselves investigating crimes ranging from domestic violence, narcotics, homicide, human smuggling and money laundering. This is because the Manzanita Reservation is situated directly adjacent to the Interstate 8 Freeway, a major corridor for human and narcotics trafficking.

All Manzanita Police Department officers are required to be trained under California P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards & Training) guidelines and additionally trained under Federal Law Enforcement guidelines. Our unique challenges require us to provide much more comprehensive training for our officers beyond what most California municipal or state agencies require. Most of our officers have decades of experience working for various California law enforcement agencies as well as the US Military. The depth of our cadre expertise allows us the flexibility to provide comprehensive ongoing training for our challenging environment. All Manzanita PD tribal police officers are appointed and commissioned as fully authorized police officers by the Manzanita Police Department and its Chief of Police.

Police Officer Verification

Use the Form below to verify any of our officers. Enter the I.D. number as well as the matching first and last name (capitalize the first and last name) to verify the officer’s identity.
Also Verification Services provided via phone @ 800-310-5804

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I.D. Numbers are 3 digit. Zeros preceding single & double digit numbers.
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6 Old Mine Rd.
Boulevard CA 91905
8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


We are seeking former or current LE professionals who have completed at least a full CA BASIC POST or EQUIVALENT.  MILITARY VETS welcome.  Please send a one page resume with complete contact information to



Help support the strategic mission of the Manzanita Police Department. Your generous contribution to the the Manzanita Police Foundation a registered 501(c)3 Organization, is greatly appreciated.
Please contact the Foundation President:

(424) 265-8744